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Your GREEN Lawn Care Solution


Why Organic Lawn Care?

Healthy Lawn=Healthy Earth

Why Organic Lawn Care?

Mow Green with Propane Powered Lawn Mowers

Our Combined Service Advantage

Organic lawn care is friendly to the environment and safer for kids and pets. 

Why organic lawn care?  It’s simple…

Our Grow GREEN Organic based lawn care program is not only safer for your kids and pets, but will provide you a thick, healthy, and weed free lawn.  Grow GREEN Organic is like a probiotic for your lawn.  Over time, it will improve your soil composition and stimulate root development.  The changes are so dramatic; we can reduce the amount of man-made products by as much as 75%.

Mow GREEN uses professional Propane Powered lawn mowers!  Did you know that using a gas powered mower for one hour causes as much pollution as driving 250 miles in your car!  Using clean propane reduces carbon monoxide output by 80% and carcinogens by 90%.

What a difference using Propane makes for the environment!