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Why Organic Lawn Care?

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At Grow GREEN Mow GREEN, we are experts at developing and maintaining healthy, green, weed free lawns.  Our Grow GREEN Organic based program is safe for your children and pets.  In fact, our organic product is food grade (yes you can drink it). 

Grow GREEN Organic works like a probiotic for your lawn.  Over time, it will improve your soil composition and stimulate root development.  The improvement in your soil composition is so dramatic; we are able to reduce the amount of man-made products by as much as 75%.

Use Less Water

As Grow GREEN Organics works to improve your soil, your lawn will require less water to stay green and healthy.  If you irrigate your lawn, your might just find that your water saving will pay for your Grow GREEN service.

The Benefits of Grow GREEN Organics Include:

A Healthy Lawn Improves the Environment!

It is a common misconception that maintaining a green, healthy lawn is bad for the environment.  In fact, a well-cared for lawn supports the environment in a number of ways. 

Healthy Lawn = Healthy Environment