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Mow Green with Propane Powered Lawn Mowers

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Grow GREEN Mow GREEN – The Beginning

Our story begins with Joe and Joe.  Two neighbors who are just your average Joes.  One thing they have in common is they both take great pride in the health and appearance of their lawns and the environment they live in.  Now they are not global warming activist, just two guys who know a greener way to grow and mow their lawns.

Grow Joe is an expert at growing his grass – thick, green, and weed free using an organic based lawn care program that is friendly to the environment, water, pets and children.

Mow Joe is an expert at cutting his grass using propane powered mowers and bio-degradable fueled trimmers that reduce carbon monoxide and carcinogens by over 80%. 

So one day they decided to put their talents together and created the perfect environmentally friendly lawn care service.  Grow GREEN Mow GREEN